Bao Nine

A new restaurant launch so good, not even a pandemic could stop it.

In partnership with B5 Brands, we branded and launched a new bao bun eatery in Philadelphia. It’s always a challenge to open a new restaurant, especially in a city which boasts some of the most acclaimed eateries in the country. But doing it during a global pandemic that put a huge strain on restaurants? Some would have said that was impossible. For us, it was not only possible, it was a success—as we pushed through boundaries to find creative ways to bring the global bao bun trend into the hands of Philadelphians. From the name, to the all touch points of the brand, website to store design, point of sale and social media, we led our client to a strong opening. As soon as dining restrictions were lifted, we created an outdoor block party that had patrons lining up down the block. Restaurant branding and successful launches? We’re all a-bao it.